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AWT Savings Plans

The savings plans include:

The AWT Savings Plans is an administrative plan oered by AWT Investments Limited to provide the investors a customized investment approach to meet long term saving needs. This plan allows investors to invest periodically in a portfolio as per their risk prole and investment horizon. The company will re-allocate the portfolio of each client on at least a quarterly basis in order to maintain allocation of assets as per the plan policies. The savings plans are based on the life cycle of an average family with investments and savings needs.

The Savings Plans will help investors in building up their savings for meeting future nancial goals. The investors can build up their portfolio by investing in PIML-IF/PIML-IIF and/or PIML VEF/PIML IEF in proportions determined by Sub plans oered by AWTIL. AWTIL oers three sub plans, which investors can choose from to better meet their risk prole. The Savings plans will be in both conventional funds as well as Shariah Compliant Funds.




The savings plans include:

Shuhada Savings Plan.
• Hajj & Umrah Savings Plan.
• Home Purchase Savings Plan.
• Retirement Savings Plan.
• Marriage Savings Plan.
• Children Education Savings Plan.


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