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Marriage Savings Plan aims to support a family unit to save for the expenses related to the marriage 
of their children. Investors make small monthly investments in the plan that is managed by a team 
of professional investment managers collectively. The time period and amount is decided by the 
Investors. The illustration helps investors visualize their future support-fund amount. Every couple 
plans a dream wedding for their children. This grand event requires a lot of careful financial 
planning so that your child’s marriage and other needs are taken care of. With a Marriage Savings 
Plan we will guide you and assist you in achieving your goals. We help you maintain your focus on 
your goal … your child’s first step towards a new journey in life.

• Optimized Growth of Savings.
• Plan is for both Salaried & Self-employed Individuals.
• Minimum Investment Rs 1000/month.
• Individualized Investment Portfolios.
• No Penalty on Early Withdrawals.
• Monthly Statement & Free SMS Information Service.
• Financing facility available against pledging of units of Funds managed by AWTIL.
• Tax benefit available under section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance2001.
• Life and accidental Insurance/Takaful coverage facility available*.
*AWTIL will only facilitate for Insurance/Takaful coverage. Insurance/Takaful coverage is optional and cost is to be borne by 


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