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Investment Advisory

AWTIL offers customized investment solutions; learn more about our Investment Advisory product

Why Investment Advisory?

AWT Investments Limited (AWTIL) provides customized investment solutions for corporate and high net worth clients, with expertise in equity, debt, and balanced portfolios. The objective is to provide professional management services to clients on portfolios in sectors where the expertise is lacking.

Benefits of Investment Advisory

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

Experienced Advisory Team with expertise of multiple asset classes across multiple markets

Defined investment process tailored to client’s risk-reward appetite

Streamlined feedback and client communication process

The Investment Advisory Process

Step 1:   The AWTIL Investment Committee will conduct a thorough capital market and economic review on a weekly basis. This will be followed by an in-depth examination of the portfolio under consideration.

Step 2:  AWTIL IC in collaboration with the Client will determine the direction of portfolio strategy. The future outlook of various asset classes and segments is determined and direction of future strategy of the portfolio established.

Step 3:   AWTIL IC to prepare a formal proposal and present recommendations on optimum portfolio allocation based on top investment ideas to client IC.

Step 4:   The mutually finalized portfolio allocation decisions are executed.

Step 5:   AWTIL IC monitors fund manager performance and provides continuous performance feedback to clients. On a monthly basis, the investment adviser will submit a fund manager report to the clients encapsulating investment market developments, emerging investment themes and ancillary issues.

Key Deliverables

Personalized Fund Manager Reports

Customized investment policy statement with clear objective and benchmark setting unique to each particular client


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