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Easy Investment Process

Investing with AWT Investments is easy without any hassle; you can follow below steps or seek assistance from an experienced fund manager we would be happy to assist you at every stage.

Step 1: Opening Account:

By following below steps investors can open their account. Investors need to open an account before making any investment.

Kindly complete the account opening form to begin your investment:

Click here to download the form.

A. You are required to fill Individual/Corporate Account opening Form along with

B. Investment Form (Indicate interested fund types and amount of investment)


Collect Account Opening Form from AWT Investments regional offices i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

Before submitting this form make sure following documents are attached. If one or more of this documents are missing your application may be declined or processed with a delay.

Documents Required

For Individual Investors:

  • Copy of valid CNIC/NICOP/Passport
  • Copy of Nominee (s) valid CNIC/NICOP Passport
  • Zakat Affidavit (CZ-50) in case of Zakat Exemption
  • Employment Proof (Employer Certificate/ Employment Card Copy/Salary Slip Copy)
  • Business proof (Business Card)
  • W-9 Form (If U.S Citizen)
  • W-8 BEN Form (If non U.S. Citizen)

For Corporate Clients:

For Partnership:

  • Copy of all valid CNIC of all partners
  • Copy of all financial statements
  • Certified copy of Partnership Deed

For Joint Stock Company/Trust:

  • Copy of all valid CNIC of all Directors/Trustees
  • Copy of latest (audited) Financial Statements
  • Certified copy of Form A & Form 29
  • Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association trust deed
  • Board/Trustees/Governing Body Resolution

Club Associates/ Associations:

  • Certified copy of Certifications Regulation
  • Certified Copy of by Laws/ Rules & Regulations
  • Board Governing Body Resolution
  • Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association trust deed
  • Copy of latest financial Statement

Executers/ Administrators:

  • Copy of valid CNIC of all Executers/ Administrators
  • Certified Copy of Letter Administration

Step 2: Make Payment:

Investment can be made in the form of:

a. Cross Cheque

b. Pay Order

c. Demand Draft

Payment can be made in favor of “CDC Trustee – “(Name of fund)”


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