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About Hajj & Umrah Savings Plan
Performing HAJJ is a “Farz” on every Muslim with physical and Financial ability. It is a once in a 
lifetime goal for majority. Our professional team of investment managers will help you save for 
fulfillment of the duty of Hajj. The savings plan aims to generate competitive returns and capital 
appreciation by investing in a mix of pure Islamic Shariah Compliant income and equity related 
instruments. Our team of Shariah Compliant Islamic Fund managers work under the guidance of 
approved Shariah Advisors. The illustration provides an easy to understand methodology to visualize this dream within the span of a few years only.

• Shariah Compliant Islamic Growth of your Savings.
• Plan is for both Salaried & Self-employed Individuals.
• Minimum Investment Rs 1,000/month.
• No Penalty on Early Withdrawals.
• Monthly Statement & SMS Information Service.
• Financing facility available against pledging of units of Funds managed by AWTIL.
• Tax benefit available under section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.
• Life and accidental Insurance/Takaful coverage facility available*.
*AWTIL will only facilitate for Insurance/Takaful coverage. Insurance/Takaful coverage is optional and cost is to be borne by 


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