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AWT Investments Limited-AWTIL is a Non-Banking Finance Company, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan to manage open and closed end funds and Investment Advisory, with a paid-up capital of PKR 250 million. AWT Investments Limited is a Joint venture between Army Welfare Trust (having majority 70% stake) and Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited. Army Welfare Trust (AWT) acquired majority stake in Primus Investment Management Ltd from Pak Brunei in December 2016, thus leading to change in the name of the company to AWT Investments Ltd. Primus Investment Management was established in June 2012 as wholly owned subsidiary of Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited. After rebrand launch to AWT Investments, the company has opened branch network across Pakistan to cater to both Armed Forces individuals and general public at large. The company with its experience team of investment professional serves extensive client base of corporations, endowments, healthcare organizations, high-net-worth individuals, pension funds and provident funds.

The sponsors AWT has over 4 decades of history in the financial services field with the “Askari” brand covering banking, insurance, leasing, financial services and asset management.

AWT Investments manages 7 mutual funds with 5 conventional funds and 2 Islamic funds.

Equity linked funds

PIML Value Equity Fund-category Equity Fund- Launched in 2013

PIML Islamic Equity Fund-category Islamic Equity Fund-launched in 2013

PIML Asset Allocation Fund-category Asset Allocation Fund-Launched in 2015

PIML Strategic Multi Asset Fund-category Balanced Fund-Launched in 2013

Fixed Income Funds

PIML Daily Reserve Fund-category Money market fund-launched in 2012

PIML Income Fund-Income Fund-category Income Fund- Launched in 2013

PIML Islamic Income Fund-category Islamic income fund-launched in 2013

Investment Saving Plans

Shuhada Savings Plan,

Retirement Savings Plan,

Children Education Savings Plan,

Home Purchase Savings,

Marriage Plan,

Hajj Savings Plan.

Army Welfare Trust

Army welfare trust (AWT) is a trust established in 1971 for the welfare and rehabilitation of the widows and wards of Shuhada of Pakistan Army. AWT with its famous Askari brand is a stakeholder of multiple commercial businesses in various fields and asset base of over Rs 23 billion.

Historical Milestone

Year of operation         Company/Business Unit  

1971                                  Army Welfare Trust

1972                                  Stud Farm Probyanabad 

1984                                  Askari Sugar Mills Badin 

1984                                  Stud Farm Boyalgunj

1990                                  Askari Real Estate Unit 

1990                                  Askari Woolen Mills and Askari Shoe Projects

1990                                  Blue Lagoon & Army Welfare Mess

1992                                  Fish Farm

1995                                  Askari Aviation Pvt Ltd

1995                                  Askari General Insurance Company Ltd

1996                                  Askari Guards Pvt Ltd

1996                                  Mobil Askari Lubricants Pakistan Ltd

2002                                  Askari Compressed Natural Gas Project

2004                                  Askari Seeds

2009                                  Askari Enterprises Pvt Ltd

2011                                  Lahore Lagoon

2014                                  Fauji Security Services Pvt Ltd

2014                                  Askari Apparel

2017                                  AWT Investments Ltd


AWT INVESTMENTS is also a member of 'Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan'.

Name of Legal Advisor: Mohsin Tayebaly & Co.

Registration Number: 0076815

NTN Number: 3835738-7

Status of the Company: ESC = Economically Significant Comapny

Statutory auditor: A.F. Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants



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